Sunny Handa MD (Marketing Director) - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sunny Handa MD (Marketing Director) - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sunny Handa MD (Marketing Director) at World Financial Group. The world financial group has different levels. You start as a trainee Associate. MD is a powerful position in the company. Here you are close to your brokerage. Sunny Handa became associate with the company in January 2019. Within a year Sunny Handa became MD. This month Sunny Handa produced 2 MD’s in the team and now he is close to SMD. During this MD Journey, Sunny Handa became the best version of himself. He has shown his true Leadership and mentoring skills to his team. Sunny is the number one MD for the last 3 months continuously.

In the Ottawa convention, he gave an inspiring speech. His life story gives goose bumps. By profession, he was a doctor. He studied in the USA and was having a successful career in his field but he understood the concept of building the legacy business for future generations. Sunny Handa's whole family is supportive and with the help of a mentor he has now 50 people in his team and he is driving crazy. He already converted his annual income into his monthly income.

Sunny Handa MD is a role model for many new associates. He achieved his 100k ring and Rado watch too which are the biggest milestones in the journey. He is the first MD who achieved it in the whole hierarchy.

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