World Tourism Conference

World Tourism Conference

The World Tourism Conference 2013 will be held in Melaka, Malaysia from the 21 - 23 October 2013. The key objectives of this conference are to discuss current and relevant issues of the tourism industry. Key areas for discussion will be:

Beyond Mass Tourism: In order to ensure that the sector and economies prosper with higher yield markets, they should capitalize on niche products, pricing correctly and targeting the right markets.

Innovative Marketing: The new approaches for attracting affluent travelers include innovative and creative products and maintaining a strong brand identity to develop dynamism and continuous progress in the industry.

Directions for Tourism Product Development: New directions include the benefits of tourism products focusing on home stay and its variants, the potential of domestic tourism as well as youth and Gen-Y Travelers, and synergies between conservation and commercial viability.

For more information, visit the event website (http://www.wtc2013malaysia.com/).

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