World’s Top Beer Festivals -

World’s Top Beer Festivals -

1 Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany
German peoples have celebrated the mother of all beer festivals, and easily our number one choice, since 1810. Oktoberfest has now grown into a 16-day festival attracting 6.2 million people from all over the world. This festival should be on the bucket list of any beer connoisseur, or anybody for that matter. Oktoberfest is so popular that other areas around the world with German populations have their own Oktoberfest celebrations including Hong Kong, Vietnam and the largest outside of Germany in Brazil.
2 Great Japan Beer Festival – Tokyo (June), Osaka (July), Yokohama (August), Japan
This three-part beer festival runs over the course of three months during the summer and occurs in three different locations. Offering more than 270 beers from over 50 local and 30 international breweries; the Great Japan Beer Festival attracts over 20,000 Japanese and foreign beer lovers alike.

3 Thai Beer Festival – Bangkok, Thailand
Although when one thinks of Thailand, being a great producer of beer does not naturally come to mind. However, if you have ever had a chance to attend this annual festival, which occurs in late October, then you know that Thailand is more than just about its beautiful beaches and tasty food… their beer is pretty damn good as well.
4 Great American Beer Festivals – Denver, Colorado, USA
The three days that this annual event is held isn’t enough time to sample the over 2000 beers from about 450 American breweries. This three-day annual festival takes place at the end of September each year. This is more than just a beer festival too, it is a competition. Over 100 judges from the United States evaluate over 3000 beers and award medals to winners. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the festival is the largest venue for draft beer variety.
5 PINT Bokbier Festival – Amsterdam, Netherlands
The best-known, and largest beer festival in all of Netherlands is without a doubt the PINT Bokbier Festival. Taking place each year in late October at the Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage, this beer festival hosts more than 50 varieties of bokbier.
6 Czech Beer Festival – Prague, Czech Republic - May
This two-week long beer festival occurs each year in May and offers over 70 brands of Czech beer, all served in authentic glass pitchers by over 200 beautiful Czech barmaids wearing traditional Czech costumes.
7 National Winter Ales Festival – Manchester, UK
Hosted by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ales, this winter beer festival has been taking place every January since 1997. NWAF, as it is commonly known, features more than 200 different types of beer and its mandate is to showcase the best winter ales, such as stouts and porters, which are produced in the UK. 
8 Qingdao International Beer Festival – Qingdao, China
This two-week long event is the largest beer festival in Asia, and features beer tasting from all over the world. Packed with both drinking, and of course karaoke, competitions, this is probably one of the best beer festivals outside of Oktoberfest.
9 National Capital Craft Beer Festival – Canberra, Australia
Over 80 craft breweries get together each April in Canberra, Australia to add a touch of class to the once thought lowbrow act of beer swilling. With gourmet food and beer pairings you will never look at beer the same way again. 
10 Great British Beer Festival – London, England, UK
This festival is called the “biggest pub in the world”, is the summer event organized by CAMRA. Offering over 450 beers from British breweries, as well as 200 foreign beers from countries including Belgium, Germany and the USA, The festival also offers live entertainment and pub games.
11. Vermont’s Brewers Festival – Burlington, Vermont – July Month
Vermont is home to more breweries per person than any other state. Every one of them is a microbrewery. With such a love for beer, it makes sense that the longest running outdoor brewers festival in the East is located here. It is a great place to try unique flavors like fruit beers and barley wines. Brewers participate by invitation only, based on distinctiveness and quality.
12. Cannstatter Volksfest – Stuttgart, Germany
This two week festival is actually an autumnal fair even though it is referred to as a beer festival by the locals. Despite not technically being a beer festival, it is considered the second largest beer drinking event in the world after Munich’s Oktoberfest. Added attractions include the world’s largest portable ferris wheel, oompah bands, and a 26 meter high column covered in fruit which is a symbol of the festival. This festival begins one week after Munich’s Oktoberfest so there is opportunity to go to both in a row.
13. Brussels Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium - September
This festival is organized by the Belgian Brewers and the Knighthood of the Brewers’ Mash Staff. The knighthood is a modern day incarnation of a centuries old beer maker guild which makes it seem that Belgians take their beer very seriously. About 225 beers are offered in stands operated mostly by the beer brewers themselves. This offers the chance to ask questions on how specific beers are made.
14 Mondial de la Biere – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Canada’s largest beer festival takes place every June in Montreal. Known for its beautiful women, and another highlight of this festival is that teachers from a local beer school (yup, you read that right, a beer school) offer workshops and answer questions on beer making.
15 The Belgian Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium
Hosted at the Grand Place in Brussels, this three-day beer festival occurs every September and features over 250 different kinds of beers, from pilsners to trappist beers.
16 Oregon Brewers Festival – Portland, Oregon, USA
This four day event is one of the nation’s longest running craft beer festivals takes place every July in Portland. Over 80 breweries from across the United States take part in this event. The selection is unique with many fruit beers like watermelon selling out quickly. Some breweries even offer beers specifically made for this festival. The focus is on craft beers with plenty of opportunities to learn about beer styles all over the country.
17 Bitter and Twisted International Boutique Beer Festival – Maitland, Australia
Serving over 50 craft beers from around the globe to over 4 thousand attendants, this Australian beer festival takes place inside the ‘yard’ of an old maximum-security jail and is definitely a must attend  event for any beer lover. This also provides a rare opportunity to actually get drunker leaving jail than when you entered.
18 Cape Town Festival of Beer – Cape Town, South Africa
This November festival celebrates “all things beer”, and features over 20 breweries, with more than 50 different kinds of beer. If you plan on attending, shell out the extra cash and go for their King Package, which comes complete with an individual draught tap, a keg, a branded mug, and you’re your own personal beer wench… but just don’t call her that to her face.
19. Great World Beer Festival – New York City, New York – October Month
Held over two days, this festival is billed as the “United Nations of Beer”. For a small entrance fee, attendees receive a glass to get unlimited samples from over 100 microbrewers. The festival is designed to promote craft beers so you can be assured that you will find something new to try.

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